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E' utile ricrodare da che rito urlerei   |   with Vincenzo Pennella  |   Voice: Diletta Ferruzzi  |   Full HD digital film 35'17"  |   Realized durign the Artist Residence at Innesto Spazi di Ricerca Ravenna IT  |   2021/2022

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The camera moves hypnotically back and forth, the sound is heard, and a metronome marks the time. Thinking we are acting for our own good (every man for himself) we behave with pomp and excess, leaving lots of leftovers, and all hypnotised we follow the same example. We take care of the cleanliness of the food and the disinfection of the environment. But the relationship between inside and outside is not a one-way street, and we cannot think that defending ourselves from the outside world by putting a barrier of tools and ritual actions between us and this microcosm can protect us from death, or give us health. Especially since these actions are linked to the excessive consumption of products, food and medicines. What we see is a table laid, a man eating disorderly and without restraint for almost forty minutes.

A voice, perhaps in his head, keeps reminding him how to clean effectively or how to treat food and meat, the rules of the diligent housewife who only considers abundance, the treatment of food and a disinfected environment. What we see in the image is not what we talk about, or rather, we also talk about consumption and excess, but in fact the laid table stands between us and an actor immersed in a scene, it is a metaphor. The core of the work is the relationship between inside and outside. Our daily ritual actions such as cleaning, eating, today I am thinking especially of the action of disinfecting our hands, start from the idea that the enemy, the harmful agent, malignant we might say, is outside us, and therefore we process food, cook everything and carefully clean every corner to protect ourselves from something external.

showed at In Habitat   |   during Liberi (Tutti) Festival Arti Performative   |   2022

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