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Sulfurea   |   Actor: Valerio Conti   |    Voice: Eleonora Bonino   |    Camera: Mavì Mathias Plebani, Giulia Savorani   |    Script clerk: Denise D’Orlando, Anna Ceccolin, Nicole Trevisan   |    Text: Valerio Conti   |    Subject and direction: Rita El Asmar, Eleonora Bonino, Enrico Cariolato, Anna Ceccolin, Valerio Conti, Danilo Correale, Denise D’Orlando, Pauline Maure, Stafano Pelosato, Mavì Mathias Plebani, Giulia Savorani, Nicole Trevisan   |    Backstage: Pauline Maure   |      |   2019

The sequences through fictions and poses open up to a possible narration of the environmental and housing problems that afflict the Venice lagoon. Work still in editing.

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