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A film by Giulia Savorani   |    Director’s assistant: Francesco Martinazzo   |    The statue: Thomas Buysens   |    A drunk: Vincenzo Pennella   |    A drunk: Jacopo Belloni  |    A courtesan: Silvia Ribero   |    A courtesan: Angie Rottensteiner   |    A sailor: Pietro Sarasso   |    A sailor: Francesco Martinazzo   |    Text freely taken from The Statue by Aldo Braibanti

Macro Asilo, Rome 2019    |    55 Mostra Internazionale Cinema, Pesaro, Italy, 2019    |    Filmmaker Festival Milan, 2018

La Statua
La Statua

The statue is a youthful text by Aldo Braibanti. This work is its interpretation. By the sea, two courtesans find a statue. They decide to take her to the village to make it a monument that represents the ideals of the community that they want to impose on other citizens. The action takes place in an out-of-time moment, like a speech that can only be made under these conditions and which afterwards can only remain dormant under the established system and left to the capacity of everyone to conceal their sexual and life preferences. or simply of happiness. The diatribe resolves itself with the destruction of the statue: the shattering of the image. The action is repeated, as every gesture has been accomplished already endless times. Control and exuberant vitality, Apollonian and Dionysian, collide within a parodistic tale whose struture is cyclical and not chronological.

This film is a reflection on the images and their use. The narration of a very simple fact takes place in the background of the structure. A circular structure that repeats itself as we repeat the story of a statue that comes to life, so we repeat our gestures, images of gardens, holidays, lunches and parties taken by the cineamatori and social conflicts. The statue is made of several statues. A work of several works, each work should be together with the others. The statue is the artist, contended and tugged in a world which would like to use images as a symbol of ideologies and passing fashions, not to mention advertising.

During three days we worked on the shoot with the actors, on a set as a continuous theatrical action in which the shots flowed together with the action. The work concerns the meaning of images and their selection for new meanings and is in this way the fruit of my position within the archive. However, the statue is at the same time descended from these images. Because of the shooting form but also because characters and actions were constructed from the frames I found interesting among these amateur shots part of the archive .

Contribute to Costumes: Deborah Raineri   |    Contribute to the realization: Hellebrina Erbe& C.   |    Villa Faraldi (IM), 2018   |    Made under Re-framing Home Movies / Archive Residences   |    a project by Lab80 / Cinescatti, Superottimisti AMNC,Cineteca Sarda   |    in collaboration with Karianne Fiorini and Gianmarco Torri   |    Images from the AMNC Archive / Superottimisti, Turin   |    Music made by Giulia Savorani starting from audio reels of Superottimist archive   |    Super8 shooting and development by Giulia Savorani   |    Super8 of anonymous origin   |    With the support of SIAE Sillumina (ed. 2016)

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